We do what we love every day.

Otherwise, it would be Monday.


Unveiling our spirited branding for FARRA, a production house where the essence of a Sunday party is captured every single day. In collaboration with DOMINGO, they exemplify the joy of doing what they love, making every day feel like a festive Sunday.

Revel in our design and join the perpetual “Farra de Domingo” celebration!

2023 Production Agency Barcelona
Brand Identity Web Design

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We are based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, but our reach extends worldwide. Our location serves as a foundation for our work, but it is the boundless imagination and the freedom to create without limitations that truly sets us apart.

We believe that every day should feel like a Sunday – a day to let go of limitations and embrace the freedom to create. Our team, led by co-founders Agostina Benaglia, our visionary Creative Director, and Julio Martínez, our dedicated Partner, is driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new creative horizons.

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